How to throw a Barbie themed Bachelorette Party

It’s the theme of the summer, take your Malibu Barbie Stacey Bride to the wonderful world of plastics to celebrate the big day.

Pinterest makes these types of all pink bashes look so easy, but in reality, it takes an extrme amount of planning and preparation!

Don’t worry! We’re here to walk you through all the steps. Come on Barbie, let’s go bach it up!

First lets talk about ambiance & décor.   

The decorations and little venue touches you make to your location are going to set the tone for the day/weekend. There are of course the over the top (hella expensive) balloon arches, life size cut outs & boozy treats, but that’s not our vibe here.

We’re going to help you complete this vibe on a budget.
To create the cutest and easiest set up for pictures you only need two things, a backdrop and some balloons. Obviously there are plenty of adorable add ons we can use, but they are not necessary to create the all pink atmosphere.
Nobody wants to be doing dishes on these types of fun trips, also your mix matched vintage plates are not the vibe. Save yourself the effort and get everything in PINK
Next up let’s talk about what the heck you’re going to wear + gifts
We’ve all seen the top view pictures of the expansive gift layout, we’re going to show you how to re-create that look on a budget.
You got to start with a bag, that is what creates the seamless “put together” look. You can lay the goodies on top of the bag for the initial “reveal”.
We’re a big fan of a simple paper bag, because let’s be real, the girls are never going to use them again. 

To add a little personalized touch, think about adding a tag with their name.

Now let’s talk about what to put *in* the bag.

SHIRTS & DRINK POUCHES. Are they ever going to wear them again? No. Are they cute as all ever loving heck? Yes.

Now let’s talk sustainability because there are items you can actually use and wear again! Little additions like this are going to make all the difference in the gift bags

What are you adding to your Barbie Bachelorette to make it epic?