How to Honour Loved Ones on the Wedding Day

Weddings are made to be the happiest day of your life, but if some of your family members recently passed away, it’s natural to wish they could be with you on the big day. There are many ways to remember and honour, memorialize, and remember them during the day. From moments in the ceremony to incorporating them into your outfits, here are ideas for remembering loved ones at a wedding!

Add their photo to your bouquet.

Pin or iron-on a favourite photo to the inside of jacket or dress.

Reserve a place at your ceremony with a simple sign, card, or illustration.

Light a candle in their memory.

Tip: Make sure that your venue allows for open flames, if they do not, flameless battery candles are a great alternative

Incorporate them into your vows or wedding speech.

Tip: make sure to write out the vows or wedding speech in a booklet. Nobody wants to see you pull out your phone or crinkled pieces of paper.

Dry your tears with a customized embroidered handkerchief with your loved ones initials, name or favourite saying.

Add their photograph or handwritten note to days jewelry