Donate or Consign my Dress

Brides & Individuals

Find out if your dress is eligible for consignment or donation by filling out the form below. 

Unlock the joy of your wedding dress for another nearlywed-to-be! Choose to make a difference by either donating your cherished gown or consigning it with us. Your dress can become a symbol of love and generosity, either finding a new home through donation or allowing you to share the joy through consignment. Join us in spreading the magic of your special day to others. Which path is right for you?

About Donations: Your donations contribute to the empowerment and support of women in need. By choosing to donate your wedding dress, you're directly impacting the lives of others. 40% of the proceeds are directed towards women's charities in Ottawa like Yellow Brick House, Harmony House, Dress for Success, and more. Through this, you play a vital role in supporting these organizations and fostering positive change in the community.

About Consignment: Individual consignment remains open but is exclusive to new gowns that have never been worn, tags attached, & no alterations made.

Designers & Boutiques

Let us paint you a picture: you have gowns you just can't move off your racks. Maybe they are discontinued, maybe they have blemishes, or maybe they are just not working for your customers. You’re sick of looking at them!

SECOND LOVE TO THE RESCUE! We consign like-new sample gowns from boutiques all over in our flagship store in Ottawa & online through our website. A sample consigned with us has the advantage of different target markets and endless exposure on our booming e-commerce site. Right now, we work by consignment with our partner boutiques. We are open to all sizes and styles. You set the retail price (max being $2000) and receive 50% when it sells. This way we are not selective with stock as we truly believe there is a bride for every dress. We even accept accessories! Our shop is becoming the go-to in Ottawa & surrounding areas. Particularly for midsize and plus-brides as there are minimal off-the-rack options. We have brides travel hours just to shop with us (kinda insane!!)We minimize your costs by paying for shipping and handling to get the dresses to us allowing you to make room for new arrivals!We want to help you sell your samples and send the $$ your way! But, we get it - you have options for your current underperforming collection, so why us? We believe we could be partners in this mission of helping nearlyweds find eco-sourced & stunning gowns conveniently and at a great price.Also acknowledging that putting your stock in the hands of another boutique on consignment is a process of trust! We have a huge list of references from top performing boutiques who are happy to share the wonderful experience they have had from working with us!