How to incorporate “Something Blue” into your wedding day

It’s an age-old saying and tradition, on your wedding day you should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” A way for the nearlywed to welcome in this new phase of their life, while remembering their past. We think that the “old”, “new”, and “borrowed”, speak for themselves. By why the color blue, other than it rhymes? The colour blue typically represents calmness and responsibility (two things you definetly want to be on your wedding day.)

Here are some ways to incorporate your something blue so that it fits with your overall theme and aesthetic, without taking away from the main event (you.)

 There are traditional ways to bring the blue into the day.

Like with wearing a garter.

A more trendy and new age twist on this tradition is something blue lingerie. Where you can make your intimates intentional, but not show everyone during the reception

Want your guests to see your flash of blue?

Try subtle hair pins

Or a statement hair piece meant to blow your guests (& your hair stylists) away


What about simple studded earrings?

If you feel like you want to wear something blue, but MAYBE not in your dress. Try bringing in some of that blue to your “getting ready” outfits.

Choose a white robe with hints or shades of blue.

Add these themed (& totally adorable slippers) to the fit

Don’t feel like having blue in your outfit at all? Include it in useful tools or accessories.

A custom handkerchief

Coffee is FOR SURE considered a tool on the wedding day. A must-have tool actually.

How are you planning to bring this tradition into your day?