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 Central Ottawa's Only Consignment & Sample Shop

What type of dresses are you looking for?




Second Love is a proud baby of NKIN. Second Love is the name of our wedding dress consignement dress line


As a budget friendly alternative to traditional wedding dress shopping, all of our dresses/outfits are under $2000.


NKIN prides itself on being a safe space for LGBTQIA + during wedding dress appointments. A dress is for anyone.


Based on consignment inventory received, all dresses will be available online and in-store. 90% of our dresses are brand new with tags


All of our dresses  are available both online and instore for local and afar customers


NO LONGER AN EVENT! Second Love has become a permanent fixture of our Boyd Location




Wait I'm confused. Can you explain your four dress collections?

Sample Wedding Dresses (Second Love)
Our wedding dresses are a mix of samples, off-rack & like- new consigned dresses available in-store and online. These dresses are traditional and classic wedding dresses, $500-2000

Little White Dresses 
These dresses are a more casual option for elopements, showers, engagements, stag/does and every little wedding event in between. Available in-store and online. Under $300

Little Wedding Party Dresses
Our made-to -order colour Bridesmaid & Wedding Party Dresses with quick turn around times! They are available ONLINE ONLY, available for Ottawa Pickup. $79-$250

Sample Wedding Party Dresses (Second Love- Wedding Party)
Our wedding party dresses are a mix of samples, off-rack & like- new consigned dresses available in-store and online. These dresses are traditional and classic "bridesmaid" dresses, Under $250

What type of appointment should I book?

Ready to find your dream dress? Bring your hype team (up to 3 guests!), or come alone. Our classic appointment is best suited if you have shopped around and are ready to purchase a dress off the rack.  

 EXTENDED FIRST LOOK 120 minutes $40.00* 
This is the appointment for you if you are committed to finding your dream dress on the spot or it is your first time wedding dress shopping! The extended timeframe allows you to try on ALL the dresses you would like in a relaxed time frame. *fee able to be credited towards dress   (up to 3 guests)

SECOND PEAK 45 minutes $25.00* 
 You think you found THE ONE, but you need to try it on one more time! Please call to confirm we still have the dress you wanted in stock before making this appointment. *Non-refundable  (up to 3  guests)

Veils, shapewear, jewelry, robes, little white dresses and more! Bring your dress with you or come with your gang (up to 3 guests, )
Looking for something specific from our website? Give us a call ahead of time to check our in-store stock

 *NEW* MINI PEEK $0.00 
Have you been on our online shop religiously and have ONE dress you are just dying to try on? Our 30 minute mini appointment is for you. In this appointment, you will be allowed to pre-select one dress to try on. This type of appointment is best suited for the nearlyweds who has shopped around and knows what they are looking for

*NEW* LUXE-DELUXE 2.5 HOURS $300 Our luxe deluxe appointment is meant for the nearlywed that wants to bring their full gang to the appointment. Due to the size of our boutique, our luxe appointments are the ONLY appointments which we allow up to 5 adult guests.  
What does the luxe-deluxe include?  
- Up to 5 adult guests invited + you  - 15 Curated Gowns  - A bubbly toast when you say yes to the dress  - A say yes to the dress swag bag  - Transformed shop to allow for a private dressing room and a unique shopping experience room  *If you purchase a dress within 48 hours of your appointment, $100 from your booking fee will be credited towards your dress. Cancellation of this appointment will result in the booking fee being turned into store credit. 

 A thirty minute appointment to try on our little white dresses! They are not displayed in store, please let us know ahead of time which dresses you'd like to try on so we can bring them out for you

What can I expect at my NKIN appointment

No matter what type of appointment you book, you and your "say yes" crew will have exclusive and sole access to one floor of the boutique. 

Our intimate and private appointments create an incredibly low pressure and calm atmosphere.

You will have a wedding stylist devoted  to you and your group. Whether you are looking for your "second love" or are shopping accessories, we will be there for you every step of the way. 

Before your appointment, you can expect a confirmation phone call, credit card inquiry, and e-mail detailing what  you should bring to your appointment.

Once it is time for your appointment, you will be welcomed in and asked to remove your outdoor shoes and coats. Please note, we are a small boutique with no "lobby", we will ask you to wait outside/in your cars until your appointment time. We will ask you questions about your previously filled out form and have your dresses/accessories you have listed ahead of the time ready to try on, as well. As the appointment progresses, we will get a feel for your vibe and continue to pull options as the appointment progresses.

If you would like to "go through the racks" yourself, please book an extended appointment due to the sheer number of dresses we have available.

Be ready to put your trust in our stylists & say yes to the dress! We do not order dresses, they are all as-is!

What is your price range & size range?

ALL DRESSES ARE UNDER $2000! The majority of our stock ranges in $1200-$1500

We have options as low as $400-500.

We have all sizes between 0-38. The majority of our stock starts at formal wear size 6, traditionally a street size 2/4.

 Looking for under $500? Our little white dress line is for you!

What about alterations?

Alterations are NOT included in the price of the gown. 

Alteration cost depend greatly on condition of the gown, sizing relative to your body, and time of year. We do offer alterations in-store through a third-party service, you can learn more about that here. 

We prioritize our couples, but do accept outside dresses. We are able to give you rough quotes during your appointment, but ultimately during your appointment our talented seamstress will share the overall cost. 50% is due upon the conclusion of your first appointment and 50% is due upon completion.

 In 2023, a healthy budget for alterations provided the dress fits well and is not damaged is $500 CAD

Since the dresses are off-the-rack, do I have to say "yes to the dress" during my appointment?

Off-the-rack wedding dress shopping is best for nearlyweds who are ready-to-buy, are budget-conscious and/or are in a tighter time crunch. Unlike traditional wedding boutiques, we typically only carry one of each dress. The dresses cannot be ordered in different sizes or colours. They are in the condition as presented.

With that in mind, we know wedding dress shopping can be a big decision and feel overwhelming at times. If you are not ready to say yes to the dress on the spot, but want comfort in knowing no-one else will snatch up your favourite dress, you can put a dress on hold. A hold is $100.00 + tax and guarantees that the dress will not be sold for 24-48 hours (depending on your appointment day/time). This gives you a chance to sleep on it, consult photos, and make a comfortable decision. The $100.00 is redeemable towards your purchase of the dress OR a gift card toward our online shop if you decide to head into a diferent dress direction. 

What dresses are available?

In the effort of accessibility and price transparency, all our in-store stock is listed online as well. "Shop sample dresses" will show you our current dresses available in size, price, & colour!
If a dress shows "sold-out" it is no longer available and may not come back.
Dresses on hold will not show preent online as sold out.


Second Love is the name of our off-rack sample wedding dress shop under our company NKIN umbrella. Our second love appointments are hosted in our cozy shop, only being open to one shopper at a time per floor. You will receive the undivided attention of our hype girls aka dress consultants. Central Ottawa's only consignment and sample wedding dress shop.

Due to the one-on-one homey vibe of our shop, we suggest limiting guests to two adults. 

Our lil bebe shop is home to 150-250 dresses at any time. We are constantly updating our inventory and are always looking for the newest hottest budget friendly dresses.






NKIN is our baby! Abby & David are co-owners of NKIN. Abby loves romance books, everything Marvel, & budget shopping! David works as a teacher full time and contributes the muscle to NKIN after hours. He loves his wife (can you tell who wrote this blurb?) 




Lizzie is the dress consultant of your dreams! She is patient, kind, and the ultimate hype girl. She loves creating content, baking, trying out new coffee recipes, and shopping! She is the incredible sister of Abby & sister-in-law to David. She graduated in 2021 from University of Toronto.

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