Mix It Up - A Guide to Coordinating Your Wedding Party

Hey there, lovebirds! Now that you're planning your big day and thinking about what you want your wedding party to look like - you don't want everyone to look like clones? So you're in luck—let's chat about creating a chill and coordinated vibe that isn't matchy matchy while still being as unique as you.

OPTION 1: Color Mix-Up:

Ditch the idea of everyone in the same color. How about a mix of shades that vibe together? Choose one dress and have your people pick dresses or outfits in different hues. Trust us; it'll look incredible when they all stand together.

OPTION 2: Same Color, Different Flair:

Choose a color, any color, and let your crew pick outfits that scream their personality. Whether it's a flowy dress, a sharp suit, or something in between, let them do their thing while keeping that color family as one.

OPTION 3: Through Accessories:

Accessorize, my friend! Give your crew some matching bling—earrings, bracelets, or a killer necklace. It's the small stuff that ties everyone together without creating total clones.

OPTION 4: Palette Assignments:

Got a specific color scheme in mind? Assign different colors to each member of your crew. Let them rock a shade that suits their vibe, and together, you'll create a killer cohesive look while letting everyone choose their own style!

BONUS: Bouquet Bond:

Here's a cool trick: match your wedding party's look with your bouquet. If your flowers are a colorful mix, encourage your crew to pick outfits that play nice with those hues. It's a subtle move that ties everything together, looking super classy and thoughtful.

So, there you have it—coordinating a wedding party that's as diverse as your friendships is a breeze. Let your crew pick and choose, mix and match, and show off their unique styles. Because your wedding day is all about love, right?

Cheers to love, laughter, and a wedding day that's totally and uniquely yours.