Transformed White Satin Robe


Introducing our enchanting Morning of Wedding Robes, a magical way to weave generations of love and tradition into your special day. Crafted with reverence and care, these robes are fashioned from the fabric of your mother's cherished wedding dress, embodying the legacy of love that flows through your family.

Each Morning of Wedding Robe is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who understand the deep significance of uniting the past with the present. The delicate lace, satin, and intricate embroidery from your mother's wedding dress are lovingly transformed into robes that envelop you in a sense of continuity and connection on your wedding day.

These robes hold the power to create beautiful, poignant moments that transcend time:
- Heirloom Elegance: Wearing a robe made from your mother's wedding dress is a tribute to the timeless elegance of love, honoring the vows exchanged by generations before you.
- Bridal Legacy: Your Morning of Wedding Robe bridges the gap between the past and the present, uniting you with the love stories that have shaped your family's history.
- Customized Sentiment: Add your own personal touch by incorporating elements like monograms, dates, or small tokens that hold special meaning, making each robe a unique reflection of your journey.
- Intimate Bonding: Sharing this treasured robe with your loved ones on the morning of your wedding cultivates an intimate atmosphere of closeness and sentimentality.

This option includes a modest amount of lace trim or detailing, typically along the edges of the robe or on sleeves. It adds a subtle touch of elegance to the robe.

With a medium amount of lace, you can expect more intricate lace patterns or a wider lace trim on the robe. This option offers a balance between elegance and affordability.

For those looking for a lavish lace design, the large lace option provides extensive lace detailing, possibly covering a significant portion of the robe. This choice is ideal for those seeking a highly decorative and luxurious look. In this case, we use every piece available

Shipping your wedding dress to be remade into something else can be a thoughtful and exciting project.

**Choose a Shipping Carrier:**
- Select a reputable shipping carrier that provides tracking options. We prefer FEDEX or CanadaPost. Are you an Ottawa local? You can drop off your dress BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

**Clean and Prepare the Dress:**
- Ensure your wedding dress is clean and free from any stains or dirt (as best as you can)
- Carefully remove any embellishments or accessories that you may want to reuse separately, if applicable.

- Use a large, sturdy box that can accommodate your dress without excessive folding or bunching.
- Place your dress (or pieces of your dresses scraps/ cut pieces etc.) inside a garment bag or a protective cover to prevent damage during transit.
- Add tissue paper or acid-free paper to cushion and protect delicate areas.

- Clearly label the package, the shipping address is NEVER KNEW I NEEDED (ALTERATIONS) 836 BOYD AVENUE, NEPEAN, ONTARIO K2A 2E1
- Include your contact information both inside and outside the package, including your phone number and email address.

**Insurance and Tracking:**
- Consider purchasing shipping insurance to cover the value of your dress.

. **Documentation:**
- Include a copy of your order confirmation, printed inside the box
- Place this note inside the package for the dressmaker or seamstress to reference.

**Drop-off or Schedule Pickup:**
- Take your packaged dress to the chosen shipping carrier's nearest drop-off location.
- Alternatively, schedule a pickup service if available in your area.