Strapless Adhesive Lace Up Reusable Bra | Low Back Wedding Dress Bra


The Lace-Up Bra is the extreme cleavage-enhancing strapless Push Up Bra perfect for your low back wedding dress!

Perfect for:

  • low back wedding dresses
  • strapless or off the shoulder dress
  • dresses with mesh siding

Create va-va-voom cleavage with the Lace-Up Bra! Backless, strapless, and super adhesive, the extreme cleavage Lace-Up Bra is lightly padded for ultimate lift, shape, and contour. 

REUSABLE! Simply wash your Lace-Up Bra with mild detergent and air dry. Once dry, the adhesive will be ready to use again and again. The ultimate bra choice for backless and strapless tops and dresses, the Lace Up Bra offers lightweight support with EXTREME cleavage!


  • Ensure your skin is clean and free from moisturisers. This is important to ensure the adhesive will last.
  • In front of the mirror, position the cup to your desire breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to your breast. Repeat the same application on your other breast. Make sure both sides are equal in height.
  • Hold the end of the laces firmly with one hand, whilst sliding the secure toggle upwards until you have reached the desired level of cleavage!