Handmade Recipe Hand Towel

These CUSTOM & PERSONALIZED recipe white kitchen tea towels (flour sack towels) make a beautiful gift for family members!

The recipe in the image is my grandma's (best mac in the world ps)

Image is printed into the fabric fibers in full color with sublimation printer. The image has a long lasting soft feel and will not crack or peel.These towels are PERMANENT, NO VINYL IS USED :) they can be thrown in the washer & dryer!

Image print area is typically around 5.75in x 10in as to allow the towel to be folded in thirds and hung. .Towels will be tri-folded with recipe printed on one side so it can be seen when hung on bar.


1. Decide what type of towel you want

option 1: as a picture. This means if you send me a picture of a cue card, you will get a picture of a cue card on the towel. It will look like a photograph permanently printed on the fabric.

option 2: restored handwriting. This means I edit your photo to preserve the original handwriting. I edit the handwriting and remove the background. This is the cleanest look (my personal preference) If SEVERE restoration is needed (missing words you want, food stains) please let me know ahead of time

2. Add quantity to your cart

3. Send a high quality photo or scan through email info@nkin.ca


-If you are taking a photo, and you are choosing option 1 keep in mind that different shades of lighting and shadows will show up when printing. Scanning as a JPEG will produce the best quality image.

-Keep images as straight as possible! If a photo is sent crooked, it is more difficult to crop sides and make straight onto the towel.

This is printed about the size of a half sheet of computer paper. It will not exceed 5 or 7 inches in either dimension. It will print in centre of the towel when folded and everything printed will be visible.