Bridesmaid Keychain + Card


Elevate your bridesmaids' gifts with our Custom Acrylic Bridesmaids Keychains, where every detail is designed by you. A great bridesmaid proposal gift, personalized gift for her or custom memory these keychains are great as any bridesmaid gift.
- ~2"
- Shapes: Circle, Hexagon, Heart
- Hardware: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

- Keychain Font
- Card Font
- Card Style: Horizontal or Vertical
- Font Colors: Gold, Silver, Black, White, Navy, Pink

- Keychains are acrylic, laser cut, with vinyl writing
🌟 Shape Your Gratitude: Customize the keychain shape to match each bridesmaid's personality, from hearts to stars, or even initials. Tailor the keychain to each individual, making it a thoughtful and personal token of appreciation.

✒️ Lettering with Love: Select the lettering style that speaks to you and your bridesmaids. Whether it's elegant script, modern sans-serif, or playful handwritten fonts, the choice is yours. Watch as your chosen words transform into a stylish and meaningful accessory.

🔗 Hardware Happiness: Choose the hardware that suits your bridesmaids' preferences. From classic key rings to trendy lobster clasps, every detail is crafted to make these keychains as unique as the friendships they represent.

💌 Personalized Messages: Add a special touch by including a personalized message on each keychain. Express your gratitude, share an inside joke, or commemorate a special moment – these messages turn a keychain into a cherished keepsake.

🛍️ Exclusive and Customizable: Available exclusively on Etsy, our Custom Acrylic Bridesmaids Keychains offer a level of exclusivity and customization that makes each piece one-of-a-kind. Order now to create a set of keychains that your bridesmaids will treasure forever.

Surprise your bridal party with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. Order our Custom Acrylic Bridesmaids Keychains and celebrate your unique bond in style!