Breast Lift Pads + Satin Nipple Cover


Each box includes three sets of satin nipple covers and three pairs of breast lift pads.  

Level up your wedding day "assets"! Enjoy the perfect push up lift with our Breast Lift Pads + Satin Nipple Cover, and let your curves take center stage! The pads provide an extra oomph with a long-term hold that won't show through even the thinnest wedding dress 

• Dermatologically approved

• Hypoallergenic

• Non-irritating

• Party-proof

• Waterproof

• Ideal for a deep plunge, V-neck, halter, and cross-body clothing styles

• Single-use

• Versatile

How to use: Always apply on clean and dry skin with no oils, creams, lotions or any other cosmetics. Do not wash, no bleaching, no iron, no washing machine, dryer or dry clean."\