The Story Behind NKIN, the Bridal Salon in Ottawa

Hey newlyweds! We wanted to open up and tell you a little bit about how NKIN Bridal Salon, Ottawa's favorite bridal shop, came to be. A family owned treasure focused on inclusivity, positivity and most of all love, here is how our one-stop-shop Bridal Boutique came to be.

Once upon a time (well, okay, it was only 2019), Abby started making custom robes and other bridal goodies in her two bedroom apartment with her husband, David. Their passion for all things bridal grew and grew, and their creations became bigger and better. They opened a brick and mortar shop in 2021, quickly outgrew that, moved to another store, outgrew that; and through all of that, had a new idea! A new chapter opened up, and in 2022, NKIN decided to add a little twist to their tale.

That is when NKIN transitioned from not only selling custom accessories, but to off-the-rack wedding dresses! Talk about a plot twist, right? Suddenly, NKIN went from being a little home business to the go-to destination for brides seeking that perfect gown without breaking the bank. Abby saw the need for well priced, well preserved dresses for any kind of bride. With prices under $2000, they made sure that every bride could have their fairytale moment without worrying about budget or sizing woes.

But here’s where the magic truly lies – NKIN isn’t just about dresses and accessories. We're all about inclusivity and acceptance! Regardless of, size, orientation, background or anything else, every bride is welcomed with open arms, like a part of our family. 

And let’s talk about the NKIN team for a moment? This store expanded to Abby's sister, parents, and even more employees! Their passion is infectious and their dedication to making every single nearly wed feel like the best they possibly can is just beginning.

NKIN is a story of love, hard work, family time, and a whole lot of tulle. Whether you’re a blushing bride-to-be or just a hopeless romantic at heart, NKIN welcomes you with open arms!