Personalized Wooden Block Countdown Calendar - Name


Custom Printed Wooden Days Until Multiple Occasion Block Countdown Calendar

Count down the days to any number of important occasions with our cute, wooden block countdown calendar. Highly versatile, you can customize the occasion countdown calendar in different ways to count down the days till the many unique events. The set includes three blocks that specify if you’re counting down days, months, or years to a highly anticipated event like your wedding day, a baby on the way, a grandbaby on the way, a fun vacation, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah. More than your average advent calendar included is a blank block side so you can make your label for other important dates not included, like retirements and birthdays. An additional set of three blocks has the year's months printed on them. That way, it can be an inexpensive decorative calendar at home or work, simply counting the days as they pass in the month. Because there are two number blocks, you can start your countdown up to 31 days, months, or years ahead of time. The counter blocks are all displayed in the charming, white wooden house that can be personalized with a custom printed name to make it extra special.
12cm (L) x 5.5cm (W) x 17cm (H)
Countdowns included are:
Countdown to our Wedding
Countdown to Baby
Countdown to our Vacation
Countdown to Grand Baby
Countdown to Christmas
Countdown to Easter
Countdown to Thanksgiving
Countdown to Hanukka