Paint By Number Guestbook


Are you looking for a fun and interactive BRAND NEW idea for a guestbook? You've come to the right place! This canvas photo guestbook can be displayed in your home after the wedding and will have your guests talking for years!

Generally includes 10-15 colours depending on the photo you send us! If you would like more or less, just let us know in the comments

You will receive a printout of the detailed HEX colours to purchase your own custom paint or to buy similar generic paint.

Mounted: Canvas wrapped around a lightweight foam frame. 1.5" thick, including a backer board and an attached hanger.

Available in 4 different sizes:

12 x 8" - approximately 30 signatures
16 x 12" - approximately 40-90 signatures
24 x 16" - approximately 100-130 signatures
36 x 24" - up to 150 signatures