To My Groom Prompted Notebook


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Do you want to give your groom a very special heartfelt gift on your wedding day?

This fill in the blank prompt book is the perfect gift to express all your thoughts about him and your wedding day.

He will gleam with emotion as he reads all your answers to these heartfelt statements.

This is the perfect way for him to start his wedding day, a personalized thoughtful gift for you.

-Size; approximately 5.5”x8.5 inches

-12 pages total

-Bound together Pages included some of the following; -What I am most excited about our wedding day is -My favourite memory of us is -What I love most about you is -In five year from now, this is what I imagine -The most romantic thing you have done is -I know you were the one when -My favourite thing about you is -Some is the reasons I can’t wait to marry you are And more